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Phew! Mallorca hotter than

A new take on street food

It's been rather warm in Mallorca over the last few days. Temperatures away from the 'cooling' sea breezes in the centre of the island have hit the 40 degrees centigrade mark and the demand for electricity for fans and air conditioning units reached record levels.

The authorities have issued advice to drink plenty of water and don't do anything strenuous in the hottest part of the day. One of our local newspapers – Ultima Hora – rather than brag about the heat with headlines like ' Phew, Mallorca hotter than (insert any place name other than Death Valley) has come up with a novel way of showing just how warm it is.

They made their own video of someone frying an egg in the street in front of the cathedral in Palma. Though it doesn't look particularly appetising, it is a street-fried-egg, sunny side up (pun intended.)