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XXIII Balearic Islands Classics Regatta

Classic Yachts compete in Palma

At this very moment and only until Saturday 19th August you can see some of the worlds finest classic sailing yachts moored up (when they are not competing out in the bay) at Palma's Club de Mar on the harbour side. There's an open day today – Thursday 17th from 18 to 20 o'clock – so if you want a close look, get your mainsail hoisted and tack on over there at a rate of knots to see the beautiful vessels.

As the name implies, it's a regatta for classic boats with 49 participants from 12 different countries lined up. You can expect lots of gleaming brass, swabbed decks and salty sea dogs as the vessels from the golden age of sailing – and most with a rich history – compete in the regatta.

Just to whet your appetite here are a few of the competitiors:

The four surviving members of the famous 15M JI class designed by Scottish naval architect William Fife – Mariska (1908), Hispania (1909), Tuiga (1909) and The Lady Anne (1912). The Hispania was built for King Alfonso XIII of Spain and was the last vessel ever to see the Titanic before it sank in April 1912!

The Tuiga is owned by Prince Albert of Monaco and is the insignia boat of the Monaco Yacht Club.

Gypsy, was used in the Spanish Civil War as a spy boat by the Nationalists.

Eilean, built in 1936 and once owned by Labour politician Hartley Shawcross is most famous for being used by Duran Duran in their video for Rio.

Well that's me hooked, I'm digging out my Antony Price suit, and reliving my favourite moments from the video at this very moment. See you down there?

Photos from the Regatta's Facebook page.