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MarisGalicia seafood fest 2017

Super seafood from Spain's Atlantic coast

seafood at marisgalicia

Spain's north western autonomous community of Galicia – it has its own language similar to Portuguese - is world famous for its pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostela and its fabulous seafood from the waters of the cold Atlantic Ocean.

Each year to promote their marine products the Galicians send a gigantic pop up restaurant on tour around the country and for the seventh year on the bounce it sets up in Palma for a fortnight from tomorrow.

This year MarisGalicia is using the Pueblo Español as its venue, whose Sala Magna can provide seating for up to 1000 people a time. IBM you didn't already know, the Pueblo Español was built as a tourist attraction in the 60's and is a 'village' featuring replicas of some of Spain's most iconic buildings.

The food fair is free to enter and takes place from the 8th to 24th September each day from 12:30 to 16:30 and 19:30 to 23:30 so plenty of time to go along and enjoy a fishy feast. You'll find five different stalls selling all you'll need for a fabulous meal at very reasonable prices and organisers are expecting so feed 130,000 people around 90 tonnes of seafood and 30,000 bottles of albariño, the region's famous dry white wine.

Stalls will sell bread, pies and pasties, a big choice of rice dishes, octopus, grilled seafood, wines and liquor from Galicia and local products as souvenirs. The food is prepared freshly in front of your very eyes and the seafood is brought in daily, fresh from the sea in special tanker trucks direct to the tanks in the hall.

Just to enhance the feeling of being in Galicia there'll be entertainment from folk dancers and pipers from the Celtic fringe and as a special treat on Fridays and Saturdays there's free queimada – a flaming punch that packs a punch – for all.

If that hasn't whetted your appetite, let me tell you that you can get a bottle of albariño for only €12. Will I see you there?