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Sailing Yacht A visits Palma

and attracts unwelcome attention

sailing yacht a

The world's biggest, most luxurious private sailing Yacht, SY A, has been tootling about the waters of the Bay of Palma and attracting the attention of all who spot her. The unmistakable profile of the yacht, designed by Philippe Starck (of Port Adriano fame) has been the subject of admiring glances as it has moored up off Cala Ratjada, Palma and luxury yacht port Puerto Portals.

It belongs to Russian billionaire Andrei Melnichenko and is reputed to have cost an estimated €450 million and was named thus to appear first  in shipping registries which are in Roman alphabetical order.

The Sailing Yacht  A is 142.81 metres long, 25 wide and has 3 masts 100 metres high which give it 3,700 square metres of sail to power its more than 12,000 tonnes weight at up to 21 knots! It's here in Mallorca after visiting the Formula 1 in Monaco and stopping off in the bling capital of the Med, Ibiza.

Now, big and luxurious it may be, but it still needs all the same paperwork to sail the seas as every other boat, so the boys in blue from the Customs Surveillance Service paid the A a surprise visit the other day to check that everything was in order.

It was a routine inspection – apparently there are many in summer, just ask Cristiano Ronaldo, who was given the once over on his visit to the Balearics recently – when the documents and tax registrations of the boat and any charter company which uses it are up to date.

As we've heard nothing to the contrary, I imagine that everything was found to be in order and nobody was made to walk the plank for forgetting to go to the post office to get a new tax disk.

This whole episode raises an important question to me about the yacht's owner – is he happy?

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