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Sponsor a Mallorcan windmill

Help preserve Mallorca's heritage

If you've ever flown into Palma airport via the back door, you'll have seen the hundreds and hundreds of windmills that dot the plain, es Pla de Sant Jordi, on the approach to the runway. Until a couple of hundred years ago this flat plain was wetlands when it was decided to drain the area with hundreds of windmills which acted as pumping stations to dry the land.

It was a big task and over 1000 mills were built in the mid-nineteenth century on around 55 square kilometres of land. Unfortunately more modern methods of pumping became available leaving many of the mills neglected and in a state of some decay.

As a part of Mallorca's industrial and agricultural heritage, the Consell wants to preserve the mills and even put them back into use, though not as pumping stations but electricity generators using only wind power. There's a lot of money involved, too much for the €2 million grants that have been requested, so the Consell have come up with the idea of asking for sponsorship.

Anybody, be they private individuals, companies or corporations can offer to sponsor a windmill so that it can be restored to its original glory. Companies can even use the structure for discreet publicity or advertsing if they wish.

The more people give, the more mills that can be restored. For details of how to do this, mail apadrinamoli@conselldemallorca.net or call 0034971 219 815. As you can see from the Consell's photos, the mills are in a beautiful area of the countryside and a well worth preserving.