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Surprise, Surprise – it's Michelle!

Mrs Obama dines in Mallorca

bens daval view

It's been all over the papers that Michelle Obama, the elegantly stylish mom of two, dog lover, and former first lady of the United States of America visited Mallorca recently. Her latest trip was a solo visit, having left hubby, kids and dogs behind, she stayed in a posh villa hired by ex-ambassador James Costos and his husband Michael Smith, and interior designer who had reworked the White House during the Obamas' tenure.

There have been plenty of photo filled articles about what Michelle wore, so how about one from us about where she ate? Naturally she dined with her companions at some of the best restaurants in Mallorca, and luckily for us all this doesn't mean unaffordable.

Our friends at Chefs(in) - the association of top chefs in the Balearics whose aim is to promote our gastronomy – tipped us the wink on Michelle's whereabouts when she visited three of their members. The reservations were made without revealing who the distinguished guest would be so the chefs just prepared their normal menus for the day.

So where did she go?

Ca Na Toneta in Caimari, a favourite of James Costos, where Maria Solivellas prepares simple, well cooked Mallorcan fare like squid coca and llampuga and peppers, and where the party dined outside on the cosy terrace.

Bens Daval, midway along the twisting road from Soller to Deia and with spectacular views of the sea and sunset (photo)

Sea Club, the informal sea side restaurant of the quite expensive Cap Rocat Hotel down the coast from Palma. It's a former fortress which Hello magazine took great delight in saying cost about 800 quid a night.

All three restaurants are well regarded both in Mallorca and internationally, and you'll find many mentions of them and their chefs Víctor García in the Hotel Cap Rocat, Benet Vicens at Bens d’Avall and Maria Solivellas at Ca na Toneta throughout our pages.

You might just fancy following Michelle Obama's footsteps if you want to treat yourself in Mallorca.