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Balearic Blade Runner

Better in Winter promotion

Pretty well everyone in the western world will be familiar with the summer attractions of the Balearic Islands – Ibiza, Mallorca and to a lesser extent Menorca and Formentera are splashed all over our newspapers, magazines and TV screens for all the right, and sometimes wrong reasons during the hot summer months.

But come winter and there's a whole different world out there, an unknown, authentic side to the islands that the Balearic Government is keen for us to see. And rightly so, as one who only visits Mallorca in the off season, I can only agree with them; less crowded, calmer, cooler, fresher with a host of activities available other than sweating on a beach – walking, hiking, horse riding, sailing, tennis and so on, all so much easier when it's not boiling hot.

Interestingly, the Balearic Tourism Agency, which has been tasked with promoting the islands in Winter has kick started its campaign 'Better in Winter' by using an image completely in contrast with the beautiful bright Balearic world they're promoting.

They've chosen the iconic scene from Ridley Scott's view of a wet, polluted, dystopian future Los Angeles, Blade Runner when dying android Rutger Hauer pours his 'heart' out in the pouring rain to Harrison Ford. Remember it? It starts, 'I've seen things you people wouldn't believe.' But instead of attack ships on fire and glittering C beams our sopping wet actor waxes lyrical on the beauty of the Balearics and moments which will not be lost in time, but remain in his memory.

Take a look, what do you think? A good idea given that Blade Runner is in the news with the release of the sequel, or a silly idea?

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