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Bonfire night in Magaluf



Thanks to the international communities in Mallorca, it's possible to celebrate many different festivals on the Island throughout the year. Naturally the Spanish are the fiesta kings who'll hit the streets to party for seemingly the opening of an envelope whilst the rest of the communities from the mainland and beyond all have their moments.

In the past I've written about many local fiestas and the Irish celebrations for St Patrick, the Germans with their Oktoberfest and now the English with Bonfire night. Thanks to the International Community of Calvià 4th November will see a typical English celebration, which officially marks the 5th November discovery and foiling of 'The Gunpowder Plot.'

The story is that many years ago when, if you were Christian you were Roman Catholic, and adhered to the rules and regulations issued by the Pope in Rome. Unfortunately for King Henry VIII one of these rules was that divorce wasn't allowed and Henry wanted to dump one of his wives, I forget which one, for another younger, prettier more fertile model.

Henry overcame this stumbling block by setting up his own Protestant church and persecuting all who wouldn't join in the fun, eg the Catholics, in varying degrees throughout his reign. By the time James I (James VI of Scotland) ascended the throne the Catholics were really upset about having to practise their religion in secret under all sorts of threats.

A group of plotters came up with the idea of killing the King by blowing up the Houses of Parliament in a huge explosion as he arrived to officially open the Parliamentary session. They brought in explosives expert and big hat wearer Guy Fawkes to do the deed.

However, security forces at Parliament searched the building on 5th November and caught Guy Fawkes ready to light the blue touch paper. Fawkes was racked, sentenced to be hung, drawn and quartered as a traitor, a gruesome fate which he avoided by jumping of the scaffold as the noose was placed on him to break his neck and kill himself.

Traditionally the English have celebrated on the 5th November by building bonfires and burning effigies of Guy Fawkes – Guys – and having fireworks displays. So, in Magaluf at the car park of the old "Aqualand Magaluf" opposite Western Water Park you can celebrate a family friendly bonfire night with free admission, food and drink, a big stage with entertainment, kiddies' attractions and a firework display!

Don't miss it, I'm excited already!

Magaluf, 4th November 18:00 – 23:00