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Million Euro Map

Sea Grass Cartography 


Here's some news of another way in which the new Sustainable Tourist Tax, commonly known as the Ecotax, will help the ecology and tourism of Mallorca. As we know the tax was collected from all the adult tourists who visited the Balearic Islands last year and has now been divvied out to fund various projects throughout the islands.

The councillor in charge of the Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries for the islands has just announced that funding of €1 million will come from the tax to pay for a map of the Posidonia prairies in the Balearics. Posidonia is an aquatic plant – sea grass – which is very important to the environment as it filters the sea water keeping it crystal clear and also prevents erosion of our beaches. Two very important tasks and vital to an island whose economy is based on tourism.

One of the main threats to the posidonia is the anchors of boats which moor around the coast and rip up the sea grass. With 7,333 posidonia prairies dotted about – some less than 1 hectare – it's very easy for boat owners not to know where they are dropping anchor in regard to the plants.

Having one unified map using the same scale and methodology will help to solve this problem and ensure that out beaches and seawater remain in tip-top condition for many years and tourists to come.