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Live at The Three Lions

Palma Pub Rock

live at the three lions

Regular readers will know that there are plenty of live music venues in Palma (and the rest of Mallorca) where you can hear Jazz, Blues, Soul, Rock, Flamenco and so on. Located in such diverse buildings as windmills, hotel rooftops, cafes, bars and theatres they range from the smart and sophisticated like Blue Jazz Club to the hot and sweaty like Shamrock.

Well, here's another place to add to our live music list, The Three Lions Pub, on the Avinguda Gabriel Roca 3, next door but one to the Shamrock. Now, as you can imagine from its name, it's a British style pub with a penchant for football. Sky provides the matches, the 'Lions' provides the beer, pool tables, Wi-Fi and most importantly for our purposes, the live music.

When I say live music, I mean live with musicians playing guitars, drums, keyboards etc and not someone pretending to be Neil Diamond with a prerecorded backing track of Sweet Caroline! Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday (and some others too) night at the stroke of midnight you can catch some top musicians from all over Mallorca playing LIVE.

Tonight, Friday, for example you can catch Kick Aces playing Rock'n'Roll classics from the 50's and other bands to grace the stage are The Black Cats – all quiffs, Brylcream and Rockabilly – Silvia Fluixa Band's rock and soul covers, Desperados with rock covers, tribute bands for ACDC and Creedence Clearwater Revival, and yet more quiff laden numbers from the magnificently named Biel Alimanya and The Folsom Rockers!

Myself, I like a bit of live music when I'm on holiday, and I certainly couldn't stay up so late on a schoolday, so I'll be treating myself to a night on the seafront next time I'm in Palma with a plan that goes something like this; drinks and nibbles in Mercat 1930, Guiness in the Shamrock and Rock in the Three Lions.

The Three Lions

Avinguda Gabriel Roca 3, Palma De Mallorca

Tel 0034 670 70 87 97

Hours 11:00 - 05:00