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Mayumana – let there be drums

and bottles, boxes, beer crates and more!

mayumana rumba

Oh my goodness, there's a fantastic live show coming to Palma Auditorium at the weekend which is not to be missed if you are lucky enough to be in the area. It's a superb exhibition of percussion, split second timing, choreography and music brought to us by the incredible Mayumana.

They're a troupe of international performers from over 20 different countries which was founded in Israel over 200 years ago. They all share a passion for rhythmical coordination and their collective name comes from the Hebrew word meaning skill – meyumanut.

They're bringing a 70 minute non-stop show called Rumba to Palma which features them performing to the music of the very popular Spanish rock/rumba duo Estopa which has been filling theatres across Spain recently on Mayumana's 17/18 tour.

Rumba has received critical acclaim wherever it has played and if you look at the video you'll see why. It's only a snippet of the show, but the whole entourage show their percussive and dancing skills involving tremendous coordination and timing as well as the ability to coax a tune out of pretty well any object – beer crates, boxes, bottles, rubbish bins, buckets, the floor, and even drums.

The five shows are on the Auditorium on Friday 24th November, Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th and tickets can be bought online costing from €29 to €35 by clicking on this link – Palma Auditorium Mayumana Shows.

Depending on where you live, you may be familiar with their performances because they've featured in quite a few TV commercials including the likes of Coca Cola! But whether you know them or not, it really is a show worth seeing. See you there?