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Tapalma 2017

Palma goes tapas crazy

tapalma mercat 1930

One of the worst (or best) things about living in Spain is the nonchalant attitude to organisation, which for me can be a little frustrating. Take for example Mallorca's biggest gastronomy festival which takes places over 5 days and nights in its capital city Palma.

Last January I was staggered to be able to announce, some 9 months in advance, the exact dates on which this year's beanfeast would take place! It didn't, there was a small change in the dates, but only by a month, so now I can confidently tell you that TaPalma 2017 will take place from the 15th to 19th November 2017!

As regular readers will know, the idea of TaPalma (apart from cleverly combining the words Tapa and Palma into a portmanteau) is to promote the gastronomic offer of the city through its many bars and restaurants by dishing up special tapas and a drink for an almost unbelievable price.

In the past 50 to 60 establishments have taken part and such is their number that the organisers grouped them into easy to follow routes according to their location in the city. At this moment in time, with a little over a fortnight to blast off, we still don't know the exact numbers of bars taking part but we do know that they will slot into one of seven routes; Centro-Lonja, Santa Catalina, Blanquerna, Marítimo, Génova, Marratxí and Playa de Palma.

Early intelligence suggests that the sea-front Paseo Marítimo route will be the most populous as the 11 bars in the Mercat 1930 gastromarket (photo) will all participate. You will (I hope) be able to download all the information about the locations, routes, tapas, prices and so on before the countdown ends – probably some time between one and zero – by clicking this link TaPalma.

If you do manage to get along, have a great time, the 'tapeo' really is a fun and convivial way of eating, drinking and chatting with friends you don't know.