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Contemporary Carmen

Ballet for the 21st century

victor ullate's carmen

For the second time in a few months Bizet's classic ballet Carmen, comes to Palma, and again the dance version of the century old opera is given a contemporary makeover. The Victor Ullate Ballet company – one of Spain's finest – brings the story of the fiery gypsy girl from a Seville tobacco factory and her infatuated lover Don Jose to Palma Auditorium on 24th February.

The ballet has been given a complete makeover so that basically only the story – a timeless tale anyway – remains. Everything else is strictly 21st century from the costumes, hair, make-up and even the music has been given a more edgy feel courtesy of arranger Pedro Navarrete.

Choreographer Victor Ullate wanted to free the original plot from some of its cliches and focus on the multifaceted character of Carmen with no boundaries between her and the audience. To this end he created the stark scenography and costumes which are at once both modern and timeless.

Just looking at the videos of the show, he has achieved his aims to perfection. The dancing is simply flawless, the music inspiring, and the costumes rather sexy, in a raunchy 'Hot Gossip' kind of way.

Tickets cost €32, €36, €40 and €45 which I think is excellent value to see such a renowned company in action and can be bought online at the Palma Auditorium website.