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The Hairy Bikers in Mallorca

British TV chefs dine in Palma 

bikers, fish and fosh

The reputation of Mallorca as a superb 'gastrodestination' is certainly spreading far and wide. Just this last week the famous British celebrity/TV chefs, Dave Myers and Simon King, collectively known as 'The Hairy Bikers,' paid a riding (not flying) visit to Palma.

The lads, they have beards, long hair, ride motorbikes and cook, were on the island researching and shooting a new series they're making about the roots of Mediterranean cuisine. They were attracted to the Balearics because of the 11 Michelin stars awarded to restaurants here, 10 of them in Mallorca.

So who better to talk to than one of the chefs who has a Michelin star, Marc Fosh, a Brit who is the only non-Spanish holder of the award in Mallorca and in two different restaurants!

Marc took Dave and Si to Palma's big Olivar market where they were filmed looking at fish, chatting to stall holders and had lunch. Later they visited Marc's Simply Fosh restaurant where he showed them a superb method of preparing their morning's purchase – sea bass a la Mallorquina.

The Hairies later returned to Simply Fosh for dinner and I certainly hope that they enjoyed it as much as I have whenever I've been. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing the programme when it's aired on the telly.

Photos courtesy of our friends at Chefs(in)