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The Hole Zero

Raunchy cabaret returns

Fasten your seat belts everybody because here's a show that's going to be a bumpy ride! I've had a couple of teaspoons of bromide in my morning cuppa to help me write this without getting carried away as one of Spain's raunchiest shows makes a very welcome return to Palma this summer.

It's The Hole Zero, episode 3 of the saga of The Hole, which touches down on 29th June until 22nd July in a specially erected circus marquee at Palma's Son Fusteret showground. Tickets for the cabaret cost from €27 to €57 and can be bought online by clicking this link. If you want one, get online now as there are early bird discounts to be had.

If you've not seen The Hole before, don't worry, as The Hole Zero doesn't need any prior knowledge of episodes 1 and 2 to thoroughly understand and enjoy the show. Let me set the scene; it's a show which mixes terrific performances of circus, cabaret, music and humour with an exhilarating young cast dressed in rather sexy gear – think Hot Gossip meets Prince in Studio 54!

The glitzy, glamorous and rather kitsch show has played to adoring audiences all over Spain and this visit to Palma is part of a tour calling in at most of the country's big cities. Not only has it attracted audiences because of its risque content and costumes, but also because it's in a club like setting where we can all enjoy drinks and nibbles as we watch.

Take a look at the photos, but not for too long!