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Hotel Cappuccino, Palma

Countdown to opening

hotel cappuccino room

The super stylish Hotel Cappuccino will be opening early in 2018 and the Cappuccino group, famous for its use of the best interior designers in the world for its grand cafes, has appointed one of the best for its first hotel. They have commissioned the famous French interior designer Jacques Grange and given him free reign in the new hotel so that it will be 100% Grange.

The new hotel has been in the making since 2009 when the group's head, Juan Picornell, spotted a derelict building in the Plaza de Cort town hall square in Palma. There have been trials and tribulations with the logistics of building the hotel by architect John Pawson as all the original plans had to be fundamentally changed when important archaeological ruins were discovered in what was to be the underground car park.

Permission then had to be sought to build the hotel higher than planned to make up for the shortfall in space down below. The building works are now on track for the hotel to open in March 2018 and what a superb, no expense spared work it will be. Its 5,500 square metres will contain only 32 rooms, 24 of which are suites aimed at the luxury North American market. Its salient feature will be its enormous 850 square metre lobby, 6 metres high and containing giant palm trees – like an oasis in the city – and in addition there's a pool, hammam, and a private cinema for guests.

Jacques Grange, who has previously designed Francis Ford Coppola's hotel and worked for fashion designers Valentino and Saint Laurent is well know for his exquisite classical work and should provide the icing on the cake for what is surely to be one of Palma's and Mallorca's most luxurious hotels

You'll need plenty of spare cash to stay there, but if you are celebrating a special occasion or spending time in Palma before or after a cruise, the Hotel Cappuccino could be just what you are looking for. Click on the link to see more details and book online.