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Mallorca cycling: Six Day Final

Fun, excitement, pedals (and beer)

If you've ever watched the world's big cycle races, the Tour de France, La Vuelta and even the Mallorca Cycling Challenge, you'll be full of admiration for the skill, tactics and sheer physical endurance of the riders, but maybe just a little underwhelmed when a bunch of 150 riders flash past on a mountain and out of your life forever.

Well, if you like lots of pedal powered excitement where you can keep an eye on everyone all of the time, sit on a comfortable seat and sip a cold frosty beer, then have I got news for you. The cycling Six Day Final is coming to Palma's specially constructed velodrome on the 14th April 2018.

It's the final, so all the events take place over just the one day, a day filled with razzamatazz, music, excitement, thrills and spills, pacemakers on mopeds, cheering, flag waving and did I mention beer? Some of the best riders in the world and their teams have been competing in heats to get to Palma and will be pulling out all the stops to win in a series of somewhat complicated events throughout the day.

Top of my list has got to be the 'Madison' which originated in Madison Square Gardens and whose rules sound very much like a tag team wrestling competition and roller derby match on the banked wooden track.

Fancy going along to see what this 'five a side' version of cycling's like? You can buy tickets online from €6 to €32.50 in the premium seats at Palma Arena on 14 April.