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Mallorca weather – antique style

Plaza de España weather station

weather station by bennazar

These days when we want to know just what the weather's doing all we need to do is look at the AEMET app on our mobile phone for a weekly, daily or hourly forecast of how hot it's going to get. However back in the olden, simpler days of 100 years ago there was an infinitely more stylish way of finding out if we were due any precipitation.

Courtesy of Gaspar Bennàzar who was the chief architect for Palma City Council from 1901 until his death in 1933, you can see one of the most beautiful meteorological stations in the world in Palma's Plaza de España square directly opposite the train and bus stations.

Restored a couple of years ago, the station takes the form of a column with rather ornate wooden canopy, whose dials – a hygrometer, thermometer and barometer – had ironically suffered damage from the weather.

Designed by Bennazar in 1910 along with the benches in the Plaza, it is a masterpiece of Modernism, the style of architecture prevalent in Mallorca at that time. Fittingly the weather station is really close to another of Bennazar's designs, the Bar Cristal with its ornate glass canopy, which sadly closed last year.

Palma, and other places in Mallorca are awash with superb examples of Bennazar's designs and projects as city architect; the former slaughterhouse at escorxador which now contains the San Juan gastro market, the Coliseo Balear (Palma Bullring,) the bell tower at Manacor's Church of Dolors, and the Born Cinema which is now an enormous Zara store and many, many more.

If you're in the area, perhaps catching a bus or train, take time to have a look at the weather station, it's well worth a look!