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Palma Cathedral spectacular live

'Vuit de la Seu'

the spectacle of the eight

Tomorrow, Friday 2nd February, Palma cathedral puts on it biannual spectacular show all thanks to mathematics, geometry, architecture and astronomy. You'll probably know by now that what is called the spectacle of the eight occurs twice a year on the Saints' days of Candelaria and San Martin de Tours, whose dates are 2/2 and 11/11.

What happens is that the light from the sun rising through the eastern rose stained glass window is projected onto the wall under the western rose window forming the shape of an 8. As you can see from the photos it really is a special occasion and for the first time ever (I think) you'll be able to see it live as it happens tomorrow.

The local newspaper Diario de Mallorca will actually be showing the spectacle live on its Facebook page from 08:00 Spanish time. Just click on the link to watch it live and direct.