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Peccata Minuta gourmet tapas

Luxurious eating in a luxurious setting

Matías Iriarte, brand ambassador of Bodegas Suau

January's three public holidays don't half make February seem like such a looooong month! However hope is at hand because the 1st March is yet another day off work, this time to celebrate Balearic Day and even better, as has become tradition, there's an edition of Peccata Minute on Balearic Day Eve.

If you're not familiar with the Peccata Minuta (it means little sins) concept then here's an explanation in a nutshell; organised by Chefs(in) the association of top chefs of the Balearic Islands, it's a feast of gourmet tapas, cocktails and entertainment in an unusual/luxurious setting for a limited audience, and is a chance to sample mini versions of seven chefs' top dishes all in one evening.

So, this month's foodie shindig is taking place in the barrel lined vaults of Bodegas Saua very close to the station in Pont d'Inca on the outskirts of Palma. Now you may automatically associated the word Bodega with wine production but at Saua the main product is brandy, along with gin and anis.

The bodega was founded by a sea captain named Saua way back in 1851 who had settled in Mallorca after also being involved in the liquor business in the Caribbean. All these years later not a lot has changed in the old distillery building and their top product – 50 year old brandy – is still aged in a quiet old vault with walls nearly 2 metres thick!

The line up of chefs and bar men for the foodfest is;

Marga Coll, Miceli y Arrels by Marga Coll

Joan Marc Garcias, Joan Marc Granell

Patrick James, Pan y Vino Menorca

Miquel Gelabert, Can March Restaurant

Miquel Calent, Restaurant Ca'n Calent y Cuit Restaurant

Tomeu Lassio, Tomeu Lassio Restaurante

Andrés Benítez, Can Bordoy

Rafa Martín, Brassclub

Joan Canals, Ulisses

Matías Iriarte, brand ambassador of Bodegas Suau (photo Facebook)

and you won't be surprised to hear that a fair amount of the gourmet offerings will feature the odd splash of brandy in their formulation!

A lucky 250 people only will get a tapa from each chef – 7 in all – and 3 cocktails from the top mixologists on hand, plus enjoy an evening of sounds from DJ T-mark and The Funkers. Tickets are €50 each and must be bought in advance from Chefs(in) – just click the link.