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Snow falling, water rising!

Lots of lovely snow!

snow in mallorca

With drought stricken cities like Cape Town in the news it's good to know that Mallorca's hydro reserves are on the up. The island's two big reservoirs, Gorg Blau and Cuber, are steadily drained by demand from the big population areas in the hot dry summers and are (hopefully) replenished in the cooler wetter winter months as water runs off the mountains into them.

The good news this week is that both reservoirs are up to 62% capacity thanks to the recent precipitation on Mallorca. The even better news for everyone, both young and old, is that those high mountains are now covered in a soft blanket of snow!

When you live on a holiday island that is baking hot in summer, then the sight of snow is a rare treat that we all have to make the most of. And make the most of it we did – thousands of people took to their cars to catch a glimpse of the snow first hand – so many in fact, that the roads in the Sierra Tramuntana area became blocked with traffic and huge jams built up!

It really is a winter wonderland up in the mountains as the photos by Emaya, the body responsible for the water supply, show. And the good news is that more snow is forecast above 600 metres again today so we can all get out building snowmen or having snowball fights.

Now, where did I put my gloves?