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Via Crucis, Palma

The way of the cross – live!

via crucis, palma

If you've got a plan to sit in watching one or more of the transmissions of Ben Hur on the telly on Good Friday forget it, because we've got something infinitely better here in Palma unless you're a fan of chariot racing.

It's the Via Crucis, a passion play based on poetry by a Mallorcan Llorenç Moyà which is performed annually for the 33rd time this Friday. It takes place on the steps up to the cathedral at 12 noon and will be performed by the Taula Rodona Theatre Company (photo) and a plan is in place to transfer it to the church of San Felipe Neri at 12.30 if the weather is inclement.

The Via Crucis performance consists of consists of 14 sonnets written by Moyà which are dedicated to the 12 stations of the cross plus two more to close it for the resurrection and the ascension of the virgin.

It's a fascinating performance which contains quite gory scenes of suffering, martyrdom and crucifixion although which throughout contains an inherent beauty. Get along to see it if you can, you'll never forget it.