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Palma's big annual funfair returns

Scream if you want to go faster!

Palma's big traditional yearly funfair has just opened for business last week and will be available for fun, excitement and thrills for young and old until 15th April. The 'Feria del Ram' is the traditional spring funfair which is held in the city around Palm Sunday (known as Domingo de RAMos) just before Easter in the Son Fusteret showground just on Palma's outskirts.

It's a big fair with around 170 rides and attractions ranging from white knuckle rides hitting great heights to more gentile attractions for the smallest of kids. Perhaps some of the names will give you a clue as to what's what; The Whip, The Frog, The Viking Ship, The Hammer, The Giant Max and the 65 metre high big wheel, down to the merry-go-round, mini-roller coaster, bumper cars and fishing for ducks.

It's certainly an all enveloping experience at the fair, with music, neon, raucous noise and of course the smell of candy-floss, toffee apples and hot dogs. Tip – save all these until after you've been on the Whip and the Viking Ship!

The fair is open on weekdays from 17 to 23, and weekends and holidays from 10 to 24. There is plenty of parking near the showground which even has its own stop on the metro system from Palma's transport hub in the city centre.