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All aboard the gas train

Natural gas powered tourist train

natural gas powered train

First there were steam trains, then electric trains, then diesel trains, and now in Playa de Muro, a gas train. The popular Mallorca resort's little tourist train which runs up and down the long road flanking the resort starts its season tomorrow and will be powered by natural gas.

It was the objective of the council to find a ecologically better alternative to the old diesel train which formally ran the route in summer and thanks to a private company which has installed a natural gas refilling station in the resort, the new cleaner greener train has become a reality.

From 1st May to 31st October, the little road train – a locomotive with three carriages – will ferry up to 60 passengers up and down a 10 km stretch of the resort all day and every day from 9 to 23 at night.

The Mayor is really pleased with the new service, saying that it will be quieter and more comfortable than the old train, 40% more economical to run. Most importantly it is much more respectful of the environment with no sulphur emissions at all and 20% less carbon dioxide!

It's a fun way to get about on that long stretch of coast and with the new train much greener than before. Give it a go if you're up in the area.