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Beer Palma VI

100 beers, 10 days

drinking at beer palma

Palma's best event ever has just started in its sixth annual incarnation in its usual location of the Parque del Mar, the big recreation area with an artificial lake in front of the cathedral. Yes, Beer Palma is back!

A cornucopia of food and drink with around 100 beers of all shapes, sizes, varieties and colours for our delectation. You'll find the world's best liquid supplied by small craft breweries both in Mallorca and beyond as well as brews from the big international companies and all on sale in the many little stalls dotted around the park.

The system is very simple; no money changes hands at the stalls, instead tokens are used which can be purchased at the kiosks as you enter the area. The exchange rate is dead easy to remember; 1 Euro equals 1 token!

All the beer comes in standard measures of 33cl and the cost will be between 2 and 5 tokens depending on the type of ale. Obviously you'll need a break from a liquid diet occasionally, so visit one of the several tapas and food bars where a portion can be exchanged for 2 to 4 tokens.

This wonderful fest, promoted by Palma Council as a way of bringing tourism to the city, has been enjoyed by more and more people every year – both foreigners and locals – and is open from Monday to Thursday from 11 to 22 and 11 to 23 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.