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Countdown to Es Rebost

The new Bar Cristal

Because of changes in the law of property leases there has been a spate of old established bars, cafes and shops closing down and in many cases being replaced by the type of homogeneous establishments that are seen in any old high street – telephone shops, fast food outlets, that type of thing.

It wasn't so long ago that one of Palma's long standing traditional old cafe bars, the Bar Cristal, closed its doors for the last time because of this change of laws. It was located in an architectural gem of a building, the Casa de Cayetano Segura, built in 1914 by the famous architect Gaspar Bennazar, and sheltered by a superb glass and wrought iron canopy.

Local people who had frequented the bar for decades and architectural enthusiasts alike feared the worst.The good news is that a go ahead company which combines a hearty dose of modern business ethics with a love of all things Mallorcan.

Es Rebost's mission statement is “to be a catalyst for our natural environment and cultural heritage by channelling local flavours and traditions through every bite, the service, the decoration and the atmosphere in our premises.”

Their strapline is fast slow food with a whole range of snacky products produced with love from tapas, to burgers, to sandwiches, desserts and coffees. They source as many products as they can from local artisan producers like cottage cheese, lemons, bread, carobs, sobrasada, air-dried fish, and cheese. Even their furnishings are carefully selected from island craftsmen like blown glass, tiles and textiles!

Take a look at their menu – click Es Rebost – and you'll see that it has a fresh modern eclectic feel, yet using some traditional Mallorcan favourites to give it a twist. I also note that they do my favourite pre-prandial snifter, a Palo Mojito, so that's me booked in for a test drive when they open in 10 days time.

The reformation of the old Bar Cristal's premises – it was the first bar I ever went into in Palma many years ago – is being done lovingly to preserve all the architectural features of the place yet – like the food – give it a fresh modern feel.

Check it out, it's on the corner of the Plaza Espana, opposite the Soller train station.