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Kyodai at Garito

Electronic music with an insidious beat

Luis y Javier Garayalde - kyodai

In an enviable setting in a little harbour near the cruise ship port in Palma, the Garito Cafe has been one of the city's most important and best loved venues for dance music in nearly all its forms for decades since the 1970's.

Styling itself as Cafe Bar Club, Garito morphs fluidly through the evening from cafe with fresh, healthy snacks, to cocktail bar to late night club where the atmosphere could be described as 'banging.'

This Thursday, 19th April, at the stroke of midnight, a classically trained duo from Pamplona, Luis y Javier Garayalde take to the boards playing their own special brand of electronic dance music.

Known as Kyodai, which means brothers in Japanese, these brothers ditched the classics in the 90's in favour of pure techno and have since built up a reputation all over the world by slowly but surely combining different influences and elements like Nu Jazz, Brazilian rhythms, Nu Disco, House and touches of Funk.

If you like this sort of thing or are curious to experience some electronic music then pop along to the Garito at Dàrsena de Can Barbarà (see map) where the admission is totally free.