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New cruise ship station for Palma

Maritime station for gigantic cruise ships

Cruise ships are big business for Palma. They pay to dock, they pay for supplies and fuel, and their passengers pay the sustainable tourist tax and spend their cash in the shops, bars, and taxis of the city when they arrive.

As more and more cruise ships arrive throughout the season, the city can be thronged with over 20,000 people a day as the ships get bigger and bigger with more and more passengers.

The city, in the form of the Ports Authority of the Balearics is ploughing some money back into the cruise business by making life simpler for passengers on the ships – particularly those that use Palma as a base for embarking and disembarking passengers starting and finishing a trip.

Because the boats are so enormous, the Ports Authority have built a new maritime station where passengers will congregate with their luggage pre and post cruise. The station will serve ships over 300 metres long, for example the biggest cruiser in the world, the Symphony of the Seas, and opened the other day with the arrival of a German cruise ship.

The building, which is over 9000 square metres and cost more than €12 million, took 16 months to build and replaces a canvas marquee! The authority says the new structure will guarantee the comfort and safety of passengers as it is equipped with all necessary services for them.

It's all part of a plan to make life easier for passengers and the port more aesthetically pleasing for them. For example the plan is to move the ferry port – currently next to the cruise port - right to the end of the harbour so that the hundreds of Yorkie chomping truckers don't disturb sophisticated cruise passengers playing deck quoits and quaffing champagne as the sun goes over the yard-arm.