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Rent a classic car Mallorca

Driving with a smile on your face

It won't be long until the time when we don't actually drive our cars and they are like glorified taxis where we just jump in and tell it where we want to go. The last few cars we've hired have had automatic handbrakes, video screens to see where you're reversing, sensors to tell you when you're going to hit something and an annoying beeping that never stops when your wife's doing 60 over the speed limit because she wants to get to the next toilet ASAP.

Well, thanks to a brilliant company based in Alaro, Rent a Classic Mallorca, we can all relive the days when driving a car was fun! Company owner Yves, yes he's French, has a small fleet of lovingly restored and well maintained classic vehicles which really will put a smile on your face when you're driving them.

With Mallorca's weather being so dry, it won't come as any surprise to hear that all of Yves' cars are open to the lovely elements so you can feel the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. You can choose between an exciting classic British car, the MGB roadster that will whisk you round the country lanes and coastal roads of the island; the tin snail, a Citroen 2CV with a unique gear change, a loping ride and a sound all of its own. For a bit of Teutonic reliability and luxury, how about a topless BMW 325i with leather interior, a really smooth ride and – a novelty – indicators! Driving a three piece suite was never such fun.

If you're a true classic enthusiast, you'll never want to leave your car, so for you, Yves has a range of beautifully restored and really comfortable VW Campervans which you truly can live in. They all come fully equipped with everything you could need – even down to a corkscrew – and you get the freedom of the road (bar one or two motoring rules and regulations) and the freedom of Mallorca. Just go where you please.

Obviously, hiring one of these beauties is going to cost a bit more than a normal run of the mill hire car, but if you want some fun and excitement then they're well worth that bit extra and as a small company Rent a Classic Mallorca has to provide a good service for its clientele. The thing I like about them is that all the cars have names which gives a nice personal touch.

I'll certainly be giving an MG a test run when I can as I have fond memories of my wife's cabriolet when we lived in Manchester – we had the top down twice in 12 months as it was raining all the other days!

Read all about the cars, prices, and terms and conditions on Rent a Classic Mallorca's website. Oh, and if you hire one, tell Yves Mallorca Spotlight sent you.

Photos from their website but note that not all may now be available as the fleet evolves and changes