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Backdoor bullfighting ban working?

Muro bullfest in doubt.

In 2015 Palma, along with 17 other municipalities in Mallorca banned bullfighting after a petition which raised over 120,000 signatures (photo)was presented to the council. In 2016 the Balearic Government banned the practise throughout the entire archipelago and almost everybody hailed the decision as a triumph for animal welfare and a blow to what many see as a barbaric 'sport.'

Unfortunately the national government and the constitutional court in Madrid didn't see it this way and using their higher authority declared that the practice is protected by 'common cultural heritage,' and that the three provinces – Catalonia, the Balearics and the Canaries – had no authority to ban it.

However, here in the Balearics where we're not often guilty of thinking outside the box, the politicians devised a cunning plan. They passed a new law for the protection of animals which has made an actual bullfight unviable. It includes a ban on the use of horses and sharp implements in the rings, a 10-minute limit on fights, and the prohibition of alcohol in stadiums.

There are also tougher rules on the transport, origin, age, and weight of bulls; a ban on both slaughter and return to ranches after fights, and a strict requirement for full veterinary inspections, all enforced by fines of up to €100,000!

Happily, the plan seems to be working as the town of Muro – one of only 3 places in Mallorca with a bullring - traditionally holds bullfights in the San Juan Fiesta on 24th June each year. The venue is owned by the council and the event is usually organised by bullfight promoters who bring the bulls, horses, matadors and so on to the event.

With only 3 weeks to go not a single promoter has come forward to stage it so it looks highly unlikely to take place.......

I'm one of the 71% of people in Spain who don't support bullfighting and I'm happy that what is known as the law of the bulls 'a la Balear,' is working. There's no problem what to do with the disused bullrings – do as Palma does – hold big concerts and other events in them!