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The Best Pizza in the Med

Made in Mallorca?

pizza prize at el 44

I admit it, as soon as I saw the headline about the best pizza in the Mediterranean I immediately thought of the Italian city of Naples, the ancestral home of this humble street food that has taken the western world by storm (albeit in some rather non-traditional formats!)

However, there's a chance that the above title could be held by a Frenchman from Brittany – the home of the crepe – now based in Mallorca. Last year Sylvian Couhet won the coveted award for the best pizza in Mallorca and also the best pizza made from local products. The prizes were awarded against the stiff opposition of 38 other pizzerias and based on no less than 11 parameters including fragrance, presentation, cooking, quality of ingredients and so on.

Now Sylvian, who originally came to Mallorca on holiday and liked it so much he came to live here, will represent Mallorca in the competition to find the best pizza in the Med. Based in Colonia de Sant Jordi, he describes his work at his restaurant Pizzeria El 44 as a labour of love in striving to perfect the best Pizza.

His winning entry – Pizza Dragonera – features all locally produced toppings; high quality spicy sobrasada, rocket, fig jam and almond honey sit on delicious buffalo mozzarella. It's up against 60 other pizzeros' concoctions next month's competition in Provence and Sylvian will have to undertake a 15 hour journey by ferry and car with his ingredients in refrigerated bags to keep them in tip top condition for the comp.

Let's all wish him luck in the competition, and if you want to try his winning Dragonera pizza, pop in to his restaurant Pizzeria El44 in Colonia de Sant Jordi – address and opening times on the link.