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Capdepera Medieval Fair

All the fun of the middle ages

Whether you're a knight, knave, vassal or merely a peasant, you're invited to experience some good old fashioned fun and entertainment medieval style in Capdepera next weekend when the town's now annual and extremely popular medieval fair takes place.

With its narrow streets tumbling down from the lofty castle, Capdepera not only has a feel of a medieval settlement but also played an important role in the Christian reconquest of Mallorca and the Spanish mainland after a long period of Moorish occupation.

Built on Roman and then Moorish remains, the castle as we see it today was finalised by the Catalan King Jaime I. Visible from Menorca, the king lit hundreds of campfires around the hilltop to trick the Moors occupying the neighbouring island into thinking that they were about to be invaded by a vast army and promptly surrendered, allowing Jaime to set about invading Valencia.

Surprisingly, even after hundreds of years of occupation, everyone – Jews, Christians, and Arabs – got along famously and the Medieval fair reflects the multiculturality (and religious tolerance) of the time with a myriad of street hawkers, stall, foods from all corners of the Mediterranean and entertainment aplenty – snake charmers, stilt walkers, acrobats, jugglers, strolling mummers and musicians, and Christian Knights in shining armour.

The fair takes place next Friday to Sunday, 18th, 19th and 20th May and starts each day at 10 and goes on until about 9 at night, though it would appear that the revelling will go on much later than that as there are buses laid on until 4 in the morning to take people back to Cala Ratjada! The bus and mini-train timetables to the nearby resorts as well as all the details of the fair are available in Spanish on a downloadable PDF.

Have a great time if you're going!