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The joy of shopping

but when to go?

el corte ingles, jaime III, palma

Let's face it, shopping can be one of life's most pleasurable experiences and of course I'm not talking the Friday big shop in the Asda here. I'm talking about the nice shopping, you know, when you buy something unique, stylish, unusual or quirky for yourself in a small independent shop or a big department store.

For this hunt for something you didn't know you wanted, you require a bit of time, personal space and perhaps a bit of attention from the shop workers so you want to be there when the rest of the world and his wife aren't!

Here in Palma we're blessed with a great variety of shops, big and small, high street chains and independents, and all within a comparatively small area, and you, being on holiday have all the free time in the world to go when you want.

So, when should you hit the high street at its quietest, least busy time? Well follow me, because a data collecting company, TC Group Solutions, has put together a major analysis of data, not from our Facebook pages, but from thousands of intelligent sensors installed in all the major shopping streets of Spain and come up with some interesting results for the main shopping street in Palma, the Avenida Jaime III. That's El Corte Ingles on Jaime III in our photo courtesy of that department store.

TC's results show that around 7,000 pedestrians a day use the avenue on average, but that's an average, so importantly the busiest day is Saturday, then Friday, Tuesday, Thursday, Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday when the shops are not open very often.

OK, so that's the days sorted, so what's the best month to go? Well, as you'd imagine, December is the month with the most footfall, it is Christmas after all, swiftly followed by May – possibly because the weather is warm but not boiling and being out and about is a pleasure.

April to July is the top period for the number of shoppers toing and froing and the least number are on the streets in November, despite that being the holy retail month of Black Friday. Finally, the streets are at their busiest between 12 and 13 and 18 and 20, just before going home time!

So, if you want time and space to find that special something to go with that other special something, head into Palma on any Wednesday in November at about 14:00 and you'll have the shops to yourself. Oh, and never, ever go if it is raining, as everyone who is on holiday in all of Mallorca goes then when the beach is closed!