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Pimp my brogues

Customised shoes by Lotusse

The artisans at Mallorcan shoemaker Lotusse have been producing lovingly made and superbly crafted shoes in Inca since 1877. They are fine examples of well made Goodyear welted classic shoes for men and women in traditional styles like the Oxford, Derby, Loafer and Monk and usually in conservative styles that will last and last and last (yes, pun intended!)

However since Lotusse's entry into the Asian market with shops and a just opened flagship store in Hong Kong, they've been offering a customised shoe making service for clients who want to break the mould and bring some bling into their footwear.

The idea is that clients visit the shop to try on the basic shoe, a Derby full longwing brogue from a classic British last and where the front of the shoe narrows subtly and elegantly without rising abruptly from the floor. With its 5-eyelet lacing it's distinctive in style and looks both traditional and sporty at the same time.

Once the correct size is decided, it's over to the client who can then decide on the colour, or colours if they're the type of cad who would wear Spectator shoes, of the leather, the composition of the sole and so on. The results, as you can see from the photos can be quite startling!

Under the strapline “Designed by you, crafted by us,” this is what Lotusse have to say about the production process,

“Lottusse brings this Blucher Full Brogue to life using their 100% handcrafted manufacturing process with quality standards that are exacting in the extreme.

The different pieces of premium quality cowhide are assembled using the Goodyear welt method, and are then dyed by hand whilst still on the last using the shades that the customer has personally chosen.

A process carried out in its entirety by master craftsmen at our factory in Palma, Mallorca (Spain). This style embodies a revival of the classic and dresses, with the utmost quality and attention to detail, the gentleman of discernment with a passion for classic style.”

And the final touch is that you can have your new shoes personalised just for you by having an inscription put on the sole of the shoe – great if you want to give them as a present!

You can read more about how to order your blinged up brogues on the Lotusse website and you can actually download an iApp to help you decide on the colours you want.

I've just this minute started saving up for my new bright pink brogues!

You can find their shop on the Avenida Jaime III in Palma or their factory shop in Inca.