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Cala Mayor beach disabled access

New €140,000 wooden ramp

Palma council have demonstrated their commitment to accessibility on the city's beaches by officially opening a new wooden ramp down to Cala Mayor beach. Prior to its construction the beach was reached by stairs which obviously were not suitable for people with mobility issues.

A phalanx of councillors were on hand to open the new access which brings the number of them up to six; the others are at the beaches of Palma, Cala Estancia, Ciudad Jardin and Can Pere Antoni. Palma's mayor, Antoni Noguera expressed the opinion during the opening ceremony that “an accessible city is an egalitarian city.”

Costing €140,000 the wooden walkway is 1.80 metres wide, will have a double stainless steel railing on either side and most importantly complies with all the current regulations regarding the slopes and lengths of the ramp. Located at the Calle Guillem Díaz-Plaja the construction of the ramp involved demolition of the stairs, gardens and a tractor ramp which was then reconstructed close by.

So well done to Palma for their forward thinking attitude which will make them the only city in all Spain with 6 certified disabled access points to its beaches!

Cala Mayor itself is a popular resort-cum-suburb of Palma which is easily reached on the bus from the city centre. It's famous for being the home of the Marivent Palace where the royal family spend their summer holidays, the Miro museum, the Hospes Maricel Hotel where the night Manager was filmed and beach clubs like Puro are located.