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Cappuccino Puerto De Sóller

Grand cafe at the port

Cappuccino Puerto De Sóller

The unstoppable Grupo Cappuccino has just opened a new branch on the portside at Puerto de Soller. It's a match made in heaven as the smart yet laid back atmosphere of the port cum resort is ideally suited to the extremely smart yet extremely relaxing atmosphere of what the Cappuccino group calls its grand cafes.

I'm a big fan of Cappuccino; they provide everything that I want no matter what time of day, and all in beautiful surroundings. With a team of superb interior designers, the décor in the cafes is both stylish and relaxing and ideally suited to the buildings the cafes occupy.

The staff are well turned out in smart uniforms of shirt, tie and apron and are extremely professional. Whether it be for breakfast, brunch, mid-morning coffee, lunch (I love their fish and chips in the winter,) an afternoon cake or a loooong cool cocktail (Palo Mojito for me please) before dinner the standards of the staff, food and drink never falter and are uniformly good across each cafe.

The Puerto de Soller cafe opened just a few days ago at Calle Marina, 32 near the tram stop and has its lovely sunny terrace on the portside. What better place to relax with a drink than in the shade of a giant parasol, listening to the gentle chinking of the boats bobbing at anchor in the harbour and admiring the views of the mountains that form a backdrop over the clear blue sea?

Have I piqued your interest? If so you can check out their prices on their website which are a little higher than the norm, but oh, do you get what you pay for with an excellent price:quality ratio.

See you there?