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Colors pop up market

San Carlos Castle, Palma

colors market

A fab new summer pop up market has just started in Palma and will run every Sunday throughout the summer. Located at the San Carlos castle right at the end of the port of Palma near the Porto Pi shopping centre, it starts at 18:00 and runs all evening until 02:00!

It has a kind of hippie market vibe courtesy of the Colors Market organisers who are creating an atmosphere redolent of the Mediterranean with the motto 'the joy of living.'

More than just a few market stalls, it's actually 'a cultural, artistic and gastronomic event that projects the illusion, creativity and craftsmanship of a town surrounded by the sea.'

That basically means that you'll find typical products from Mallorca, indigenous materials, creative ways of manufacturing and the tastes and smells of the island thanks to the presence of a convoy of food trucks.

Why not go along for a pleasant evening by the sea? There's plenty of parking and the number 1 bus from the airport via the centre of Palma goes right to it.