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It's sale time

Early summer sales

early summer sales

You can shop almost till you drop in Mallorca at the moment and not hurt your plastic as the sales have already started. Even though the official date for the summer sales this year is 2nd July you can find many shops offering 50% discounts already!

What's happened is that adverse weather conditions on mainland Spain – ie it wasn't 30 degrees centigrade – over the last few weeks have affected sales of tshirts, shorts and floaty linen frocks. The big national retailers over there decided to help cashflow and stock control by starting the sales early!

Well, as far as the likes of Inditex and El Corte Ingles are concerned, what happens in Madrid has to happen everywhere in the country. Mallorca's small traders and independent shops are none too pleased and have decided that, unable to beat the big boys, they're going to join them by starting their sales this Friday!

They think that with the tourist season now at full steam ahead they're wasting a golden opportunity to make cash selling summer gear, but unfortunately they have no alternative than to go along with the big national retailers.....

So, let's go shopping!