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Kaleidoscope show in Palma Cathedral

Summer solstice spectacular

Kaleidoscope show in Palma Cathedral

Today's the longest day of the year, the summer solstice when the sun rises at its earliest and sets at its latest, druids do things at Stonehenge and hundreds of people applaud on the rocks at the Cafe del Mar in Ibiza. Here in Palma we have a beautiful spectacle caused by the sun in all its glory in Palma Cathedral.

You probably know about the Spectacle of the Eight which occurs every year on the 11th November and 2nd February; 11.11 and 2.2 equals 8! Well there are two other less well known light shows courtesy of the sun and mathematics; the kaleidoscopic effect of the winter solstice and the inverse kaleidoscopic effect of the summer solstice.

Tonight, 21st June at 20:15 you can gaze in wonder upon the latter – the projection of light through the beautiful stained glass rosette of the main portal of the cathedral onto the equal but opposite rosette over the alter, known as the Oculus Major.

It's regarded as one of Palma's 'beautiful jewels' and to mark the occasion the Cathedral Chapter along with the Balearic Mathematics Society have invited everyone along to witness it and also hear an explanation of how it happens using a scale model of the cathedral made by the Museum of Mathematics in Catalonia!

I'd love to see this but have never been in Palma on the specific dates, so if anyone's about this evening go and have a look for me please.