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Origen electronic music festival

The best of Ibiza

ants at ushuaia

Only a 15 minute flight from Palma, Ibiza is nevertheless a whole world away from Mallorca with a completely different style, or 'vibe' as its aficionados would say. Well, thanks to the organisers of the Origen electronic music festival which takes place in Palma over 3 Sundays this summer, we'll all get a chance to see what the Ibiza scene is all about and at a fraction of the 'White Island' price!

Taking place at the Son Fusteret showground on the outskirts of Palma a ticket will cost a mere €35 per show to see Ibiza's finest, or a special price of €82.50 to get into all three. Origen will feature three completely different 'parties' with different musical 'genres' which are;

10th June – ANTS whose night at the famous Ushuaia Hotel draws thousands of people to its poolside location.

8th July – Elrow (don't ask me how that's pronounced) which is almost more about the show than the music.

19th August – Carl Cox, Ibiza's 'Techno' king makes his first appearance in Mallorca for 9 years.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about, you can book tickets online where as well as normal prices you can get yourself VIP passes which allow access to some rather exclusive areas!