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Sea cycling with Wave Surf

Water sports direct from the USA

Hobie Mirage Eclipse

Three local lads, Salomón, Eduardo and Rubén have brought one of the newest crazes from the states right here to Arenal, Mallorca. Their new business, Wave Surf, has imported six ‘Schiller Water Bikes’ which are a combination of racing cycle and catamaran which can scoot across the calm seas of the bay of Palma reaching speeds of up to 25 kph.

Because of their twin 'hulls' it makes them virtually impossible to capsize and a board across the two floats means that a passenger can be carried safely.

The guys also have six foot powered surf boards, the Hobie Mirage Eclipse, for hire. They're like a combination of a surf board with cycle handlebars and powered by a human on what appears to be a 'stepper machine.' I think you'd need to be quite fit and have excellent balance to use them.

Fancy a go? Check out the Wave Surf Facebook page where you can rent a Schiller for €25 per hour (€30 for 2 people) or have a one hour thirty minute excursion for €35. For the Hobie the prices are €20 per hour, €30 for 2, and €30 for the excursion.

I'd definitely give the bike a go, how about you?