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Tourist Office train carriage

Puerto de Soller's new office

soller train carriage

It's probably true to say that when we think of Soller and its port, the first thing that springs to mind is the wonderful old train and tram system. So what better way to publicise the tourist attractions of the area by using one of the train carriages as a tourist information office?

The main town of Soller already has an old carriage as its office – you'll see it as soon as you leave the station in the town – 'parked' by the tram terminus. Now, at last, Puerto de Soller will replace its temporary tourist office with an old railway carriage within the next few weeks.

The preparatory work to locate the carriage on the portside has already been done and the carriage itself has been shunted into the workshops of the Soller railway where it will be stripped down, the seats and so on removed, to make it more office like!

The council have financed the €60,000 cost of the job and are certain that it will not only help the tourist industry of the area, but also become a much photographed tourist attraction itself.

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