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World Cup in Mallorca

Thousands of big screen TVs

world cup on tv

World Cup fever has gripped Mallorca. The locals have sent their own team, Spain, along to Russia to make up the numbers whilst the biggest groups of holidaymakers, the English and the Germans, also have teams just waiting to be knocked out in the first round of the comp!

The symptoms of the football fever include brightly hued faces, long periods of stress and anxiety, polarised bouts of depression and elation, and a desire to consume vast quantities of beer in crowded rooms in front of a giant screen.

A spin off of this odd medical condition has been a blip in sales of giant screen TVs in the electrical shops of Mallorca where it's reckoned that around 2500 more tellies than normal have been sold just for the World Cup with the buyers in the main being bars, hotels and restaurants where a goodly supply of ale is available.

A spokesman for the electrical shops says that the majority of the TVs are big ones with screens from 65 to 75 inches and costing around €800 to €1200, but with some places splashing out up to €2500 per telly!

However, the investment is paying dividends with happy hostelries reporting vast increases in trade over normal levels. If you've been to Mallorca before, you'll know that many of the 'sports' bars have multiple screens – some up to 14 tellies all around the bar – and cater to the nationality most prevalent with live Bundesliga, Premier League or La Liga matches shown throughout the year.

So, if you want to hear pundits like Simon Schama or Alan Sugar postulating on what should and shouldn't have happened get yourself to a British bar, and so on. If you're completely uninterested in the World Cup then really you need to go somewhere where the competition is completely meaningless, Scotland for example!

Enjoy the footy, wherever you watch it.

Note - my photos were taken at 09:30 this morning when I was, ahem, on an errand in town.