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Copa del Rey MAPFRE

37th annual royal yachting regatta


The annual 'King's Cup' yachting regatta in Palma just gets bigger and better every year. The 37th annual shindig based around the Royal Nautical Club of Palma will have 154 magnificent sailing craft of all shapes and sizes taking part in 12 categories on the sparkling blue seas of the Bay of Palma. And the boats and crew have quite literally come from all over the world to compete with 29 different nationalities represented in the competition.

Taking place from 28th July to 4th August, it looks likely that the Copa del Rey will have Spain's present King, Felipe, in attendance, together with his father Juan Carlos who is apparently itching to get here.

As you can imagine, the event is big business for Palma with hundreds and hundreds of people arriving, spending their money on accommodation, restaurants and leisure activities whilst in the city, and major sponsors like BMW and Estrella Damm making their presence felt.

There are, as usual, lots of social events planned – discos, breakfasts, beach clubs – that kind of thing but this won't detract from the main event, the sailing. The Bay of Palma promises to be awash with sleek craft, big and small, at full sail with crews heave ho-ing to make handbrake turns around the marker buoys of the course.

Look out for the GC32s, an incredible 'flying' catamaran which lifts itself out of the water on a kind of fin as it zooms along at high speed over the calm sea.

If you're off to Palma on a short break or as a day trip from one of Mallorca's resorts next week, have a stroll down to the sea front and see what's going on off the coast, it's quite spectacular.