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Finca Galatzo: history restored

Water mills and irrigation

In the spectacular countryside near Capdella in the Calvia municipality is the fascinating public finca Galatzo. Its many trails and amazing scenery make it a popular place to visit for hikers young and old, but for those interested in history it is a major draw.

It's safe to say that Galatzo encapsulates the agrarian and industrial history of Mallorca with archaeological sites within its bounds dating back to the bronze age, the Islamic period, and middle ages. Its grandest epoch came after the Christian reconquest when it was a home for noble families on the island.

In public hands since 2006 its heritage is slowly being restored to its former glory and this week it's been announced that the mills and irrigation system will once again start to work.

The Consell of Mallorca and Calvia council will provide funds to restore the water mills which used the power of water to drive the machinery to grind cereals into flour in the middle ages. The Consell will provide the manpower whilst the council will pay for the materials and transport needed to complete the task.

Now, you can't have a water mill without water, so the whole irrigation system of water tanks, water channels and ditches (which feed into the citrus groves) is going to be restored, this time using funds from the Sustainable Tourism Tax that all visitors to the Balearic Islands have to pay.

If you fancy visiting you'll find 5000 square metres of buildings including the main houses, chapel, farm buildings, public toilets, gardens, citrus groves, lime and charcoal ovens, and of course the amazing landscape with 15 kms of trails to suit all abilities.

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