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HiSun Point v skin cancer

Intelligent sun protection

hisun point against the sun

Three young Mallorcan men have developed an intelligent system to help protect people from skin cancer caused by the sun. Called HiSun Point, it's a multipurpose health aid for beach users which has just been installed on two of the island's beaches, Cala Millor and Colonia de Sant Jordi, which warns against the sun's strength and provides lots of information.

Basically, as you can see from the photo of HiSun's presentation at the FITUR travel show, the point is like a small cabin designed to give plenty of shade from the sun where users can take a break from the heat. On one corner, the tower is designed to be seen from quite a distance by beach users and has a colour coded warning system to signify the amount of ultraviolet radiation.

Inside, there's a touch screen advice system which gives advice on what to do for each level of UV, for example; get in the shade, cover up, use cream protection etc. It also gives information about what to do for other beach 'dangers' like jellyfish stings or insect bites and has maps of the nearest first aid posts or health centres.

Another brilliant innovation is a sun protection cream vending machine which recommends the ideal protection for each person by scanning them for their skin type and hair colour and matching this with the conditions prevailing.

How good is that? Thankfully we're all more aware of the damage the sun can do to our skin these days and this wonderful development – backed by the Spanish National Cancer Association – is a fantastic step forward for our health. Not surprisingly many other local authorities in Mallorca have expressed an interest in installing HiSun Points on their beaches, so let's hope that before long nearly every beach on the island has one.