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Muro Beach – Spain's number three

Best beaches for kids

playa de muro

Last year the magnificent beach of Mallorca's Playa de Muro resort was voted third best in all of Spain by the users of Tripadvisor. This year it's been voted third best beach in Spain to go with kids. The bronze medal comes courtesy of the users of a Spanish beach search engine called Playea which gives details about the sand, conditions, facilities and atmosphere of the nation's beaches.

Playea users considered that Muro's best points were its length and size, white sand, and its calm shallow waters. Combine these factors with the almost certain good climate in summer and the ability of both kids and disabled people to bathe in safety and you're onto a winner.

Just out of interest the best beach for kids was considered to be Las Canteras in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, followed by La Victoria in Cadiz. Now whilst a Mallorcan beach didn't come first it can boast that it had two in the top ten, the other one being Alcudia!

What a shame that the sea wasn't as calm as normal on the day we turned up to take photos of Muro beach!