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Open air cinema in Palma

“Cinema a la Fresca”

cinema a la fresca

One of the highlights of Palma's summer season for both locals and visitors alike is the annual free Cinema a la Fresca programme. Taking place in the Parque del Mar recreation area by the lake just below the cathedral, it's the ideal setting to sit or lie watching films out in the open air.

With a large seating area at ground level in front of the bar, and grassy verges to relax, picnic and have a drink, not only do spectators have great views of the big screen, but also the illuminated cathedral, old city walls, and wonderful old buildings which lie above the lake.

The films shown are specially chosen so that nobody is left out; young, old, visitors and locals. Start times vary with the films being shown; those for kids start at 21:00 and adults only films at 21:30 or 22:00. Similarly the films are projected in Catalan, Spanish and English, sometimes with subtitles, sometimes not.

This year's programme is a bit of an homage to Stanley Kubrick whose epic opus 2001 A Space Odyssey was released 50 years ago. This will be shown in English under the star filled night skies on 8th August at 21:30 if you wish to go.

Others in English are;

15th July, 21:30 – La La Land (subtitles)

17th July, 22:00 - Their Finest

22nd July, 22:00 – Hidden Figures (subtitles)

24th July, 22:00 – Kiss me Kate

31st July, 22:00 – Cafe Society

14th August, 21:30 – Maudie

18th August, 21:30 – A Monster Calls (subtitles)

21st August, 21:30 – Kind Hearts and Coronets

28th August, 21:30 – Hell or High Water

04th September, 21:00 – Moonlight

What a great experience it must be to sit under the stars watching a film with the lights of the old city beyond reflected on the water of the lake? Go along if you get the chance, though I can't guarantee choc ices under torchlight at the interval or 10 minutes of Pearl & Dean before the film starts!