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Tomeu Caldentey, Chef.

New start for top chef

Tomeu Caldentey

I heard chefs say many times that obtaining a Michelin star is really hard work, but keeping it is even harder. One chef who's had enough of the Michelin grind is one of Mallorca's finest, Tomeu Caldentey, who has decided to throw in the tea-towel at his Es Molí den Bou restaurant in Sa Coma which has just closed forever.

The chef blames the intense pressure of maintaining his Michelin star status day in, day out for the last 15 years combined with managing a large and diverse staff and attracting enough customers willing to pay between €100 and €200 per person for food. It sounds like a classic case of people who go into business because of their love for something, but end up with all the stress of finances, man management and decision making rather than the thing they love doing.

That's the bad news, but as one restaurant door closes, another one opens! Caldentey has learned from his mistakes and is starting again from scratch yet bringing his 18 years experience as a chef to a more informal venue where life is predicted to be much easier.

Called ' Tomeu Caldentey Cuiner' his new restaurant which opens on the 18th July in the Hotel Protur Biomar in Sa Coma, will have a smaller, dedicated staff and is aimed to attract customers who want to sample the food with three special tasting menus at €39 for 5 courses, €49 for 8, and €69 for 10.

In a recent interview he explained his ideas for the new venture;

"We want to dedicate our gastronomy to a wider public, expand the niche, and we will do it with a very cool concept: we will dedicate two rooms for specific events and customers will eat practically inside the kitchen where there will be two tables and a bar. The cuisine will be the same as always; Mallorca's gastronomical products, updated, reflective - I can not change anymore, that's my style,"

Whilst it's a shame that a top class restaurant is closing, it's also an ideal opportunity for those of us who don't have the cash to splash to enjoy some excellent food at a more reasonable price in a relaxed atmosphere. Would you go? Here's a link to the restaurant.

photo from Chefs(in)