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Flor de Sal d'es Trenc

Natural gourmet product

Flor de Sal d'es Trenc - salt pans

Thousands of years ago in Mallorca, the Phoenicians came calling and as a souvenir of their stay, they left the secret of their most prized possession, salt. Yep, they were salt mad, and used salt for almost everything apart from gritting the roads when it snowed.

Their method of producing this culinary white gold has stood the test of time and is still used to this day with the only ingredient being sea water with the power of the sun and the breeze added. Sea water is allowed into giant shallow pans via sluices, and as the sun and breeze slowly evaporate the saline solution, salt forms.

The process forms two types of salt; common or garden sea salt crystals which are used for general cooking, for example throwing in a pan of boiling water to cook pasta. The second type is Flor de Sal (flower of salt,) the caviar of salts, which are the delicate flakes of salt which form on the top of the water and are so delicate that they must be harvested manually.

Completely different to common salt in its texture, flavour and properties, flor de sal has less sodium chloride and more magnesium. This, and its 'artisanal' characteristics make it flavour of the month, used as a final touch to a dish amongst the gourmets and sybarites of the world.

Down in Campos, in the salt pans near the fabulous Es Trenc beach, weather conditions this year have guaranteed a bumper harvest of over 75 tonnes for the producers of Flor de Sal d'es Trenc. Their highly regarded product is sold all over Mallorca and will now be marketed even more internationally with this bumper 'crop' available.

You can buy their stylishly simple tins of Flor de Sal in natural flavour and with added ingredients, like herbs, olives, hibiscus, roses, and many more - ideal for different types of food – in their own shops. Find them at Es Trenc, Salinas, Santanyi, Alcudia, Arta and Pollensa, or online here.

The salt makes an ideal and very useful souvenir of Mallorca and is a great present for someone who appreciates good, natural food.